Some Characteristics of a Three Year Old

  1. Enjoys gross motor activity – running, jumping, playing with balls, etc.
  2. Builds a tower of nine or ten cubes.
  3. Likes to use crayons and is interested in finer manipulation of play materials.
  4. Has vocabulary that is increasing at a remarkable rate.
  5. Asks many pointless questions that are part of the developmental mechanism for achieving speech.
  6. Has a strong desire to please.
  7. If requested, will do little errands.
  8. Begins to understand what it means to wait one’s turn.
  9. Will share toys.
  10. Can feed self.
  11. Gets over tantrums more quickly than at an earlier age.
  12. Has longer spans of interest in listening to stories.
  13. Insists on stories being retold and reread word for word without change.           These are just some of the many characteristics of a three year old. Many children at this age will demonstrate most of these traits but there will be some that are ahead as well as some children that are far behind. We need to take a look at these children and see what we can do to provide opportunities to enhance and enrich their development.
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