Sponge Bullseye

When I was planning fun activities to do with my grandchildren I wanted to do one with water. At mamaslikeme.com I came across this fun activity using wet sponges.

I stopped off at the Dollar Store and I picked up a pack of sponges and some sidewalk chalk. I already had a dishpan that I could fill with water for their sponges.

I drew a target on their patio with chalk and assigned point values for each circle. Of course the bullseye got the most points. We then drew lines on the patio where the children would be standing to throw the wet sponges.

We decided to play until 21 points was reached. We kept score on the patio with different color chalk. This was good for the older one to practice keeping score using tally marks.

I forgot to take pictures of this, so next time we do that I will.

Remember to supervise children under 3 when playing with water.

Fun Fridays – Water Play

With the warm weather upon us I like to plan at least one day a week of water play, especially when we don’t have a pool. Some of the things you can do is paint with water, fill squirt guns or spray bottles, water balloon toss, or ice cube sensory tub.
Something else you can do with water balloons is tie string around it after it’s filled and hang it on a branch. Let the children swing at it to pop the balloon.
Your child can wash dolls, toys, or have a car wash for their riding toys. If you have a sprinkler and your state doesn’t have a water shortage, your children can run through it.
Look on Pinterest for more ideas and also other blogs that are on the iternet.

***Coming soon – Summertime Sanity for You & the Kids (A variety of actvities for preschoolers thru elementary). More details when it is published.

Water Tub Play with Duplos

On a recent trip to the farmer’s market my grandchildren stopped at a vendor who displayed a water tub and duplos to play with. It was a local children’s museum that had the idea.

When my daughter got home she knew what she could do so her children could have some fun. She set out a couple of water tubs and added duplo toys that the children had. They were engaged for quite some time playing, building, and seeing if it floats or sinks.

My oldest grandson age 6 found a regular lego in with it and decided to use that as people. He got some more of the bricks to be people (he didn’t use the actual lego people). I like how creative children can be and think outside the box. The duplos were just sitting around in the closet not being used until they were brought out for water play.

What things does your child like to play with in the water? Anything unusual?

Water Play – Painting With Water

A great activity for children to do is painting with water. This is especially great to do during this time of year.

Materials needed for this activity are some kind of bucket, pail, or large cup to hold water and various sizes of paint brushes. I like to use brushes that are 1/2 inch wide or larger. I usually get these at the Dollar Store or Wal Mart. You don’t want to use expensive brushes because they will get thrashed.

Fill the container with water or have your child help if they are able to and have them paint to their hearts content. You can let them know if you don’t want them “painting” certain things.

Remember safety when using any type of water activity with children especially three and under.

My two granddaughters ages 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 really enjoyed this activity.

Little H and Little A painting with water.

Little H and Little A painting with water.