Science Experiment – Dancing Raisins

Being a Nana is great! Last month I planned some fun activities to do with my grandchildren. I wanted to do a variety of things with them. We did a nature hunt, played with shaving cream, made a coffee filter butterfly, made “gak”, and did a sponge toss. This was all done in one day.

I had a box of raisins at home that I wasn’t using. For this science experiment I used raisins, clear glasses, carbonated water and regular tap water. Since I had four grandchildren that would be doing this I got some short clear plastic cups to use. This way they could each do their own experiment.

With one of the cups I let them pour some carbonated water into it. They were each given some raisins to put in the cup and to watch what happens. The raisins started going to the top and then back down. The grandchildren were excited to see them go up and down.


Dancing Raisins

Dancing Raisins

Mesmerized with Dancing Raisins

Mesmerized with Dancing Raisins

We talked about what they think would happen when they put the raisins in tap water. I gave them another cup where they added tap water and then the raisins.

We talked about how the tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide adhere to the raisins at the bottom and carries them up to the top. Once the bubbles pop on the raisins they sink back down again and repeats the process.

Potato Faces

This is a fun activity that the children can do.

Materials: 1 potato per child, grass seeds, container or cup to hold potato

Procedure: Cut the top off of a potato and hollow out about 1/4 inch down. Have the children sprinkle grass seed in the hollowed part. Set upright for 3-4 days. The potato will soon have a growth of green “hair”. The children may then decorate a face. The moisture in the potato waters the grass.