Recommended Blogs/Websites for Sensory Play

There are a plethora of ideas going around on Pinterest and various blogs of sensory ideas to do with children. When I first started teaching, preschool children got to play with playdough and play in the sandbox. Now sensory play is more intentional and children have a variety of sensory things to try. There are themed sensory ideas as well as a variety of materials to play with.

Here are 5 blogs that offer many great sensory ideas:

Where do you like to find your ideas?

Blog Recommendations – Arts and Crafts Ideas – Painting

There are many places to get ideas for doing arts and crafts with children on the internet including blogs, websites, and pinterest. When deciding what kind of craft or art activity you want your child to do you need to decide if it is a theme you are following, painting, making something, or a combination of both. I like the children to do process art where they can make whatever they want with the medium given them.
For painting: – DIY sidewalk chalk paint – Homemade paint recipes – 42 out of the box painting ideas
These are only a few of the many blogs that have painting ideas for children. Look at one of my earlier posts on leftover paint.
My book and ebook – Summertime Sanity for You & the Kids has additional ideas and materials to use for painting as well as how to make your own DIY tabletop easel.
What kind of crafts do you like to do with your child?

Blog Recommendations – Sensory Play

Each week I will be sharing names of blogs/websites that have great ideas of activities to do with children. This week I will list some blogs that have wonderful ideas of sensory activities for children to play with.
At she has many wonderful ideas for different sensory tubs. Some of the themes she has: The Wizard of Oz, Brave – from the movie, Angry Birds, Birthday, Back to School, Dinosaurs, Robots, Ice Cream, Transportation, and a Farm sensory tub. Visit her blog for additional ideas.
At she also has a variety of sensory ideas.
A Cinnamon Maple Salt Tray from is a great way to begin a fall sensory activity.
Over at she has over 25 Sensory Tray ideas.
Check Pinterest for more Sensory Play ideas.
There are many ideas and suggestions for sensory play on the internet. You could find a new one to do each week if you wanted to.