Fun Friday – Collage Day

For this activity you don’t need the whole day, unless your child is really engaged in it. Gather a variety of materials that you have around the house or classroom. This is a good way to use the scrap paper and material that you have been saving. You know who you are, if you’re like me you save things because you never know when you might be able to use them.
Provide glue, tape, scissors, and various backgrounds for their collage. Some things you can use – cardstock, old file folders, paper plates, cardboard from cereal or tissue boxes, and anything else you can think of that they can attach things to.
For this type of collage you may also want to have paint available.

Fun Friday – Teddy Bear Day

Have your child get their favorite bear or bears. They can line them up which one is the biggest, smallest, funniest bear, etc. Tell the story of The Three Bears. If the children are old enough they can act out the story of The Three Bears. Read other bear stories. Watch a bear movie. Talk about the different kinds of bears (koala, panda, polar, etc.). Have a teddy bear picnic or tea party. You can also have a teddy bear parade. Get a wagon, laundry basket, or box to use to pull the teddy bears around. Attach a rope to the basket or box so they can pull it around.

Fun Friday – Movie Day

You can plan this for all day or for just a half a day. Decide on some movies you want to watch, make some popcorn and enjoy. Look at your local public libray for movies to borrow.
You may want to plan a movie day when the weather is going to be very hot, since your children probably won’t being play much outside. You can also do it in the evening and invite another family over.

Fun Friday – Carnival Day

Carnival day can be a fun activity to do towards the end of summer when children will be starting school or at the end of a school year, or just for the fun of it. Invite another family or two over and let them help with planning it. Decide when you want to have it, in the morning or afternoon.
Plan on some games you want to have (bean bag toss, knock the cans down, drop the spoon or clothespin in a container, or anything else you can think of). If you have older children let them help make the games.
You can make tickets and play money or if you only have a few children just let them play the games without them. You can do face painting. Watercolors work well if you don’t have any face paint.
You can make some popcorn, pretzels, or other snack and put them in baggies for a prize or have it so the children can “buy” them. Fans from construction paper can be made for everyone. You might want to purchase/collect small toys or stickers that can be used for prizes.

Fun Fridays – Water Play

With the warm weather upon us I like to plan at least one day a week of water play, especially when we don’t have a pool. Some of the things you can do is paint with water, fill squirt guns or spray bottles, water balloon toss, or ice cube sensory tub.
Something else you can do with water balloons is tie string around it after it’s filled and hang it on a branch. Let the children swing at it to pop the balloon.
Your child can wash dolls, toys, or have a car wash for their riding toys. If you have a sprinkler and your state doesn’t have a water shortage, your children can run through it.
Look on Pinterest for more ideas and also other blogs that are on the iternet.

***Coming soon – Summertime Sanity for You & the Kids (A variety of actvities for preschoolers thru elementary). More details when it is published.

Fun Fridays – Box Day

Children will have a blast on box day. About one – two weeks prior, start collecting all sizes of boxes.It would be great to get some large appliance boxes but that’s not needed for them to have fun.

Set up an area of the house or outside if you have a nice day. Some supplies that will be useful are: masking/duct tape, paint, scissors (with adult supervision), and string, yarn, or ribbon. These supplies are not necessary but can add to their fun.

If you are going to let them paint the boxes, set up an area for that. Put down newspaper, plastic tablecloths, or an old shower curtain to protect the area and to provide easier clean up. Also, have some old towels and wet ones for clean up.

When we had box day at a preschool I was working at, some of the children made a train with the boxes, some painted them, and some taped several boxes together. Let them use their imagination. Take pictures and print them out and have the children tell/write a story about what they made.

Fun Fridays

Fun Friday is something that I started doing about five years ago in a preschool that I worked at. There were several other classrooms that participated with us.
We would choose a theme or topic and we would plan some special things to do with the children that related to that topic. It could be something that you did for part of the day or the whole day.
This idea can be used at home also. You want your children to do fun things but you don’t want to spend a lot of money each time. This gives you and the children something to look forward to.
Perhaps you want to do this once or twice a month, or do it on a different day. That’s fine. The idea is to have some preplanned things for your child/children to do.
Maybe you want to do this with another family. You can take turns going to each other’s house to do the actvities. Have the children involved with the planning. The ideas are endless for creating a Fun Friday.
In future posts I will share some of the things that I have done for Fun Fridays.
What would you do for a Fun Friday?