“Creation Station”

Last month our church had a Kid’s Camp for three days, where I had a class for them called “Creation Station”. The children were able to come in during their free time and create whatever they wanted to. Sometimes there would be between 15 and 20 1st and 2nd graders. During that time I didn’t have any behavior problems.

What is the “Creation Station”? It was a room with a variety of materials(mostly recycled things) where they can create things. We provided tape, glue, scissors, markers, crayons, ¬†and magnets. We didn’t provide any paint or glitter but the children didn’t seem to mind.

Prior to Kid’s Camp, for the past three months we had people save boxes, egg cartons, material, paper, paper towel tubes, foam pieces, and anything else we thought would be good for creating. We also had metal washers, coffee cans, toothpicks, straws, pipecleaners, cottonballs, and q-tips.

If the child wasn’t done with their project they could keep it in the room and work on it the next day. The children made robots, tanks, a solar system, lollipop garden, and a blanket for their stuffed animal to name just a few. I was quite impressed of things that the children created.

You too can have your own “Creation Station”. Start saving a variety of things and pick a couple of days when you want your child to create. Just provide the materials and let them go at it. For younger children they may need more help or some ideas of what to make.

What recycled things do you like to use?

Egg Cartons – What Can You Do With Them?

What can you do with egg cartons you have been saving? You can make an egg carton color sort. Go to the imaginationtree.com to see how they made one. Another way for a color sort would be to glue pompoms or colored paper into each section of the egg carton. You could also paint a different color in each.
If you go to freekidscrafts.com/recycled.crafts, they have some great ideas for using egg cartons. You can make egg carton lobster, crab, animals, wreath, caterpillar, penguin, or use as a seedling pot.
localfunforkids.com have 10 recycled egg carton craft ideas for kids. You can find 22 fun things to make with egg cartons on tipjunkie.com.
What do you like to use egg cartons for?