Playdough – What Can You Do With it?

There’s so many great recipes that you can try of different kinds of playdough. There is cooked, gluten free, scented, textured, just to name a few. You can look on the internet to find the recipes.

When my grandchildren play with playdough they have the usual rollers, plastic pizza cutters, cookie cutters, or just their hands for rolling, making snakes, and flattening out. Some times I like to give them other things to use like saftey plugs with googly eyes on it, or little plastic bugs.

When I was over my daughter’s house last week, the older boys were playing with playdough. Besides the usual things that they were using, my daughter gave them some pieces from Mr. Potato Head. They definitely got creative and made some silly faces.

Just by giving them something different to use with the playdough to get their creative juices flowing, they stayed at it longer than usual.

What else does your child like to use when playing with playdough?

Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

In my book Summertime Sanity for You & the Kids(A variety of activities for preschoolers thru elementary) I share 15 almost healthy snacks for children.

One of my favorite snacks is to make the frozen yogurt sandwich. Not only do my grandchildren love it but also my husband.

To make them you need a carton of flavored yogurt(small or large, depending on how much you are making) or you can get vanilla or plain yogurt and add fresh fruit or frozen orange juice to it, and graham crackers or a healthier version of cookies.

I like to shop around for yogurt and graham crackers that have the least amount of sugar.

To make the frozen yogurt sandwiches have your child spread the yogurt on half of a cracker and then top it with the other half. Wrap in wax paper and freeze for several hours or overnight. You can also place the yogurt graham crackers on wax paper and place on a plate or tray and freeze. Once it is frozen you can put the yogurt sandwiches in a ziploc bag. When ready to eat, take out and enjoy!

What kind of yogurt do you like to use?