Books – What Can You Do With Them?

What can you do with books besides read them and look at the pictures – you can build with them. I was watching my grandchildren a few weeks ago and after I read them some stories they decided to build with the books.

I didn’t discourage them from building because they were being creative. The books were in fair condition so I didn’t mind. They were busy for over an hour building garages and putting cars inside and on top of them.

I am having trouble posting the pictures so I will have to add them another time.

Recommended Blogs/Websites for Sensory Play

There are a plethora of ideas going around on Pinterest and various blogs of sensory ideas to do with children. When I first started teaching, preschool children got to play with playdough and play in the sandbox. Now sensory play is more intentional and children have a variety of sensory things to try. There are themed sensory ideas as well as a variety of materials to play with.

Here are 5 blogs that offer many great sensory ideas:

Where do you like to find your ideas?

Sensory Tubs – What Age Do You Start Your Child?

What age do you start having your infant/toddler/preschooler start playing with sensory tubs? There are many ideas available on Pinterest and blogs on the internet of sensory activities that you can do with your child. There are even ones for infants/toddlers.
When I was over at my daughter’s house last week to play with our grandchildren I brought along some fall sensory things to play with. My two granddaughters ages 4 and 17 months old was interested in playing with the sensory tub.
The 17 month old loved pouring, scooping, and playing with the toys that were inside the tub. I was sitting right there with her, to make sure she wouldn’t put the small things in her mouth. She did great playing with it, had lots of fun, and didn’t put anything in her mouth.
The only drawback was the rice got everywhere with the toddler, especially when she was trying to pour. Next time, I may set a sheet or old tablecloth down on the floor and put the tub on top of that. This way if any rice gets on the sheet when she is done I can just gather it up and dump the rice back into the sensory tub.

H(4) and N(17 months) playing with the fall sensory tub.

H(4) and N(17 months) playing with the fall sensory tub.

H & N playing with the fall sensory tub.

H & N playing with the fall sensory tub.