Rainbow Bottles

Recently, my daughter asked me if I could make some color actvities for my granddaughter since she was still having some trouble with some of her colors. I collect and save a lot of things. Lately, I have been saving water bottles. I had some of the smaller ones that my daughter used at one of their parties and thought I could use these.
I like incorporating the colors of the rainbow as much as I can. I had six small water bottles that needed to be cleaned up a bit. I took off the label and then used googone to get off all the stickiness. While they were drying I gathered up the materials that I would use – balloons, beads, construction paper, crepe paper, pipe cleaners, straws, and anything else that I could find that would work with the water bottles.
When the bottles were dry I added the different things to the bottles. This is something you can have your child help make to help reinforce colors. After the various material was in the bottles I hot glued the lid. My toddler granddaughter would be playing with them also and I didn’t want her to get any of the small parts that were inside the bottle.

Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Rainbow Sensory Bottles

Once you have the bottles made there are several additional things your child can do with them. You can cut pieces of felt or construction paper for each color and have them match the bottle to the color felt or paper.
Sensory bottle matching

Sensory bottle matching

You can choose a color bottle and then have them find something that is that color. You can play a guessing game with them – for the child who is talking, you line up the bottles on the table and go over the colors. You have your child cover their eyes and you take one bottle away and they have to guess what color is missing.

Egg Cartons – What Can You Do With Them?

What can you do with egg cartons you have been saving? You can make an egg carton color sort. Go to the imaginationtree.com to see how they made one. Another way for a color sort would be to glue pompoms or colored paper into each section of the egg carton. You could also paint a different color in each.
If you go to freekidscrafts.com/recycled.crafts, they have some great ideas for using egg cartons. You can make egg carton lobster, crab, animals, wreath, caterpillar, penguin, or use as a seedling pot.
localfunforkids.com have 10 recycled egg carton craft ideas for kids. You can find 22 fun things to make with egg cartons on tipjunkie.com.
What do you like to use egg cartons for?

Blog Recommendations – Arts and Crafts Ideas – Painting

There are many places to get ideas for doing arts and crafts with children on the internet including blogs, websites, and pinterest. When deciding what kind of craft or art activity you want your child to do you need to decide if it is a theme you are following, painting, making something, or a combination of both. I like the children to do process art where they can make whatever they want with the medium given them.
For painting:
www.mommyskitchen.net – DIY sidewalk chalk paint
www.nateandrachael.com – Homemade paint recipes
www.sowsproutplay.com – 42 out of the box painting ideas
These are only a few of the many blogs that have painting ideas for children. Look at one of my earlier posts on leftover paint.
My book and ebook – Summertime Sanity for You & the Kids has additional ideas and materials to use for painting as well as how to make your own DIY tabletop easel.
What kind of crafts do you like to do with your child?

ABC Rice Sensory Tub

Recently my daughter asked me to make some pink rice for my granddaughter to play with. She’s been having fun pouring and scooping white rice and my daughter wanted to have it colored. This is a great way to reinforce colors as well as having fun learning the different colors.
To color the rice – take 1 cup of white rice, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and a few drops of food coloring. Pour in ziploc bag and mix well. After you are done mixing the colored rice pour in a shallow tray and let dry for several hours. You can repeat this to have multiple colors. Word of caution – even though the colored rice is very pretty when separated, when you give a few colors to your child to play with inevitably they will mix the colors and may not look as pretty. They will still have a great time playing with it.
A fun way to help my granddaughter learn her ABC’s is to get some sparkly foam shaped letters and add it to the colored rice. You may also want to print the ABC’s and place it on a tray for them to match up the letters.

Pink colored rice with ABC's

Pink colored rice with ABC’s

Matching ABC's

Matching ABC’s