Fun Friday – Collage Day

For this activity you don’t need the whole day, unless your child is really engaged in it. Gather a variety of materials that you have around the house or classroom. This is a good way to use the scrap paper and material that you have been saving. You know who you are, if you’re like me you save things because you never know when you might be able to use them.
Provide glue, tape, scissors, and various backgrounds for their collage. Some things you can use – cardstock, old file folders, paper plates, cardboard from cereal or tissue boxes, and anything else you can think of that they can attach things to.
For this type of collage you may also want to have paint available.

Blog Recommendations – Sensory Play

Each week I will be sharing names of blogs/websites that have great ideas of activities to do with children. This week I will list some blogs that have wonderful ideas of sensory activities for children to play with.
At she has many wonderful ideas for different sensory tubs. Some of the themes she has: The Wizard of Oz, Brave – from the movie, Angry Birds, Birthday, Back to School, Dinosaurs, Robots, Ice Cream, Transportation, and a Farm sensory tub. Visit her blog for additional ideas.
At she also has a variety of sensory ideas.
A Cinnamon Maple Salt Tray from is a great way to begin a fall sensory activity.
Over at she has over 25 Sensory Tray ideas.
Check Pinterest for more Sensory Play ideas.
There are many ideas and suggestions for sensory play on the internet. You could find a new one to do each week if you wanted to.

Fun Friday – Teddy Bear Day

Have your child get their favorite bear or bears. They can line them up which one is the biggest, smallest, funniest bear, etc. Tell the story of The Three Bears. If the children are old enough they can act out the story of The Three Bears. Read other bear stories. Watch a bear movie. Talk about the different kinds of bears (koala, panda, polar, etc.). Have a teddy bear picnic or tea party. You can also have a teddy bear parade. Get a wagon, laundry basket, or box to use to pull the teddy bears around. Attach a rope to the basket or box so they can pull it around.

Fall Changes

In future posts I will be changing the way I post things. I usually share an idea or activity that my grandchildren or the children I watch on occasion enjoy doing. There are many wonderful blogs and websites on the internet with great ideas that I come across when I search for different things to do with preschoolers. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, each week I will highlight several blogs/websites that I have found that have many useful ideas.
The blogs listed may just have some random things to do with preschoolers or it can be on a certain theme or subject. I love doing research and finding what other things are available to make/do with children.
I will be sharing two more Fun Fridays for the summer then taking a break from Fun Fridays.
Is there a particular area that you would like more ideas and activities to do with your preschooler? Send me an email and I will be glad to find some blogs/websites for that subject.

Fun Friday – Movie Day

You can plan this for all day or for just a half a day. Decide on some movies you want to watch, make some popcorn and enjoy. Look at your local public libray for movies to borrow.
You may want to plan a movie day when the weather is going to be very hot, since your children probably won’t being play much outside. You can also do it in the evening and invite another family over.

How to make projects with preschool children frugally?

Whether you are doing something with your own children or you are a teacher at a preschool we all like to save money on the materials/supplies that we use. Think about the activities that you want your child to do. Is it something that you can do with recycled things you may have or something you can make yourself such as playdough as an example.
There are many ideas on the internet through web sites and blogs as well as on Pinterest of various playdough recipes to make. Just think of the variety of playdough experiences your child can have. Perhaps you can go in with another family and purchase flour and salt at Costco/Sam’s Club to save money.
When planning an activity to do with your child look around your home, classroom, or in nature to see what’s available. Some of the things that you recycle could be used to make a robot or your child can make a collage with things found outside.
A good resource of recycled things would be a family with infants/toddlers. There are many things that you can do with: baby food jars, wipe containers, colorful tops from fruit/veggie pouches, formula containers, snack containers, and the small clear plastic baby food containers. Ask them to start saving them for you. In future posts I will share some of things that you can make with them.

Baking Soda and Oil – Who Knew?

I like making learning activities for children using things from around the house or formula cans that I have collected from Moms with babies. I save a variety of things and I always had trouble getting the labels off the jar, bottle, or container that I wanted to use.
I have used Googone, soaked them, nail polish remover with acetone, scraped them, but they just didn’t come off that easy.
I was making an activity with a wipe container for my grandson and I wanted to remove the labels. I tried soaking it, but it just wasn’t coming off. I checked the internet and there were a lot of different ideas available but I wanted to find one that was fairly quick and that I had the ingredients in the house.
I found one that used baking soda and oil. I believe they used olive oil but I wanted to save that for cooking, so I used vegetable oil which I had for making playdough and other crafts. I mixed some baking soda and oil in a small bowl. I used a papertowel to rub it on the container. After a few minutes all the sticky stuff came off. You could use a cloth also instead of a papertowel. It took a lot less time to get the label off than my previous attempts with other things.

Container with label and sticky stuff on it.

Container with label and sticky stuff on it.

Label and sticky stuff gone using bakings soda and oil.

Label and sticky stuff gone using bakings soda and oil.

Activity container with labels and sticky stuff gone.

Activity container with labels and sticky stuff gone.

I also tried this on an empty juice bottle that I had. The label came off easily but there was still some sticky areas on the bottle. I rubbed some of the baking soda and oil mixture onto the bottle and within a couple of minutes the sticky part was gone.
What do you use to get labels and sticky things off bottles and containers?