Fun Fridays – Water Play

With the warm weather upon us I like to plan at least one day a week of water play, especially when we don’t have a pool. Some of the things you can do is paint with water, fill squirt guns or spray bottles, water balloon toss, or ice cube sensory tub.
Something else you can do with water balloons is tie string around it after it’s filled and hang it on a branch. Let the children swing at it to pop the balloon.
Your child can wash dolls, toys, or have a car wash for their riding toys. If you have a sprinkler and your state doesn’t have a water shortage, your children can run through it.
Look on Pinterest for more ideas and also other blogs that are on the iternet.

***Coming soon – Summertime Sanity for You & the Kids (A variety of actvities for preschoolers thru elementary). More details when it is published.